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Books That Build Character

Books That Build Character
Julie Woik is the author and creator of a wonderful series of books that build character. The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash book series is reaching out to children around the globe,helping them to recognize their own self-worth, and providing them with the fundamental tools needed to live happy, healthy lives. Although it’s been many years since the first of these books that build character was launched, Julie is still in awe of how the universe works to place a person exactly where they need to be in life. “Who would have ever imagined,” Julie proclaims, “that something as seemingly insignificant as an eyelash could change the course of one’s life forever, and become an effective main character in books that build character?” 
It was never her intention to develop this series…but she has come to realize that sometimes people don’t choose their course in life – sometimes a course is chosen for them. And through the whirl-wind of positive energy provided by the message of the books, the children who read them, the educators, parents and grandparents who buy, love them, and support getting the world back to basics, she’s found that she’s doing precisely what has been chosen for her. What’s even better is that this unique series of books that build character stand out from the thousands of other children’s books published every day. 
They stand out because they’re so much more than just books. Their astonishing illustrations engage children in a mesmerizing way, they’re written in whimsical rhyme, and they offer lots of fun activities, which just also happen to be educational (sneaking in a lesson when the children aren’t looking!), and lead back, in some way or another, to these incredible books that build character. Let’s make our world a better place!!
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