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About Crafter's Choice

The Crafter's Choice selection offers ideas, inspiration and practical instructions whether you are trying out new crafts or reaching new levels with your favorite craft. Crafter's Choice offers a vast selection of the latest crafting titles about quilting, knitting, sewing, candlemaking, soapmaking, scrapbooking, decorative painting & more! Save up to 30% off publishers' edition prices on every book.

Whether you have a green thumb, a passion for painting or a habit of knitting everyone you love scarves in the winter, Crafter's Choice Book Club has got a book for you. Offering a plethora of craft-related books, Crafter's Choice provides an easy, one-stop spot for all the needs of serious and beginner craft enthusiast. The simplicity of using the site, combined with insanely low prices, makes Crafter's Choice the perfect choice for your craft book needs. Read our Crafter's Choice review.

Unlike bookstores or craft specialty shops, Crafter's Choice provides detailed categories to make finding what you need quick and easy. On the sites browsing page, several small, detailed categories, such as dolls, miniatures, dyeing, rubber stamping, cross stitch and candle/soap making are offered under large, broader categories such as holiday, paper crafts, home & garden and quilting. For a crafter on a mission, finding the books you need through Crafter's Choice is no difficult task and the time you save can be spent making the crafts you love.

While craft and how-to books tend to cost upwards of $30 in expensive craft stores, Crafter's Choice offers the most popular and useful titles at up to 30 percent off of publisher edition prices. On top of everyday low prices, the club offers members four books for $1 each just for joining and then even sends them a free tote with their first purchase - perfect for storing all those extra crafting supplies.

One of the best features of the Crafter's Choice Book Club website is the free projects page where members can access free crafting project ideas. Complete with photos, instructions and a list of necessary supplies, the projects can help members to decide what kinds of crafts they're interested in before they make the decision to purchase a craft-specific book.

Chosen carefully by the editors of the Crafter's Choice Book Club, there are hundreds of craft-related books available both online and through the clubs magazine. Sent to members once every three weeks, the magazine is filled with new book selections as well as reviews, special promotions and exclusive features. Unlike other book clubs, Crafter's Choice makes it easy to decline or accept a book selection and members have plenty of time to do so through the mail or online.

Crafter's Choice Book Club offers thousands of ideas through hundreds of books each day. Providing hours of fun and entertainment, the site also features several crafting tools, kits and supplies to get you started on your next crafting project. In a time when crafting has become more popular than ever, Crafter's Choice allows members to avoid long lines and crowded crafting stores but still provides the same books you'd find on the shelves of AC Moore or Michaels.

After ordering your books from Crafter's Choice, you'll have plenty of money left over to purchase all the crafting supplies you need to complete your new projects. Providing the tools that allow you to complete the kinds of crafting projects you've only envisioned, Crafter's Choice truly looks out for their members and carries the best books the crafting world has to offer. Join Crafter's Choice Book Club Today!