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About TextbookStop.com

At the start of your each semester, you have to experience the dreaded procedure of purchasing books for your study. You have to pay too much for your books. And after your semester, you sell all your books and get a very few money back. Text book stop has started to modify the way you purchase books and help you salt away hundreds of dollars every semester.

At text book stop, you can rent books online for your semester and return them at the end of your classes. If you just need to keep the books forever, you can purchase them used and still hoard a lot of money.

After the end of semester, you return your rented textbooks and don't have to be concerned about striving to sell them. Renting the books is always inexpensive than buying in the short run and with textbooks; it's always the short period as the classes are usually only 4 months long.

The good thing is, when you send the books back, it's free. Some book rental services will charge you for this and it gets quite frustrating.

What does text book stop offer?

This Book service allows you to search for the books you want. This site also permits the users to find the particular school or college they attend. Textbook stop possesses quick delivery and free return shipping, relatively low prices and buy back charges. Local drop points assist students avoid the charges of shipping borrowed or bought back textbooks. Textbook stop establishes the rental charges according to the number of days the student keeps the book, anywhere from 15 days for about 6 dollars to 60 days for just about 25 dollars.

Your order will be processed within on business day, and books will arrive in 4 to 7 days from your order date. They try to use track able shipping procedures, and they will give tracking details for your order within your account as early as feasible. Occasionally, however, your book will arrive before the tracking details become presented.

How can you make an account?

Making an on text book stop account is very simple. Users are initially asked to present their full name, address, contact number and school information. And your account is made.

Buy books and renting is quite easy as well. After choosing your required books and identifying whether you'd like to rent or buy book, you can pick the shipping speed and method you prefer. Your total charge is than intended from the price, shipping and tax and you can pay it with your debit or credit cards.

How can you search the books?

You can search books at Text Book Stop on the book's title or author, but the most appropriate method is to find the ISBN number of the book that your lecturer required. The ISBN is a 10 or 13 digit code that is normally placed near the bar code of the book, and it is also mentioned in the first few pages. If your course list does not contain the ISBN, you may be able to find it online or by writing it down off the books that are being sold by the college bookshop.