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Doubleday Large Print Book Club

To conserve paper and lower the costs of printing, many book publishing companies tend to use smaller fonts that are difficult for many, both young and old, to ready comfortably. Offering all of your favorite fiction and non-fiction reads, the Doubleday Large Print Book Club selection strives to make reading easier and more enjoyable for those who's eyes are unable to keep up with the jumble of tiny words they often find in books.

For many book lovers, particularly those who are very young or elderly, reading can be a difficult and daunting process. Tiny words spaced closely together can be hard for anyone to read, let alone someone with vision problems or the inability to process too many words at once. Doubleday Large Print Book Club recognizes this inconvenience and works hard to make sure all the popular titles you would find in regular size print are available in larger, more comprehensive fonts. Read the full Doubleday Large Print Book Club Review.

Though many publishers do offer some large print copies of their bestselling books, they're often difficult to find, more expensive and tend to sell out quickly because of high demand. Doubleday Large Print eliminates this hassle by offering thousands of copies through their easy-to-use website member magazine. Doubleday Large Print Book Club also makes sure that the font on their site and in the magazine are also in large prints, because what good is a book club if you're unable to read the titles available for purchase.

Offering thousands of books in several categories, such as thrillers, romance, true stories, mysteries, fiction, Christian, body & spirit and reference, Doubleday Large Print Book Club always has books from the most popular authors in stock. From James Patterson and John Grisham to Danielle Steel and Sylvia Browne, Doubleday Large Print makes sure that you're able to read books you love.

Because large print books cost more to publish, they're often more expensive than regular editions, discouraging those unable to easily view the print from purchasing their favorite titles. The staff at Doubleday Large Print believes strongly that reading is an experience that shouldn't cost a lot of money and offers up to 30 percent off of regular publisher prices on a daily basis. To encourage their members to read as much as possible, Doubleday Large Print offers an introductory price of only $.99 for 4 books, plenty to keep you busy for at least a couple of weeks.

By joining Doubleday Large Print, members gain access to thousands of member reviews, which act as helpful tools when deciding which books you'd like to purchase. You'll also have access to articles written by authors and book industry insiders, all printed in large fonts. The editors of Doubleday Large Print Book Club spend hours selecting the books they offer and making sure each is easily accessible and simple to read.

Doubleday Large Print believes strongly that no one should be unable to experience the joys of reading because they are unable to see the print on the page. After signing up, you'll not only receive great books at an unusually low price, but also the satisfaction of knowing that you can sit down and read through a book you love without the confusion, frustration or headaches caused by trying to see small prints. Join Doubleday Large Print Book Club today!