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About The Literary Guild Book Club

Catering to reading enthusiast, The Literary Guild Book Club is most known for offering members best-selling books before they become available in stores. Rather than putting your name on a bookstore waiting list or getting in line for the next new release, why not join the Literary Guild and have access to all your favorite books plus early releases for low costs.

While most bookstores or online clubs would charge a fee for an early release, the Literary Guild requires no extra charges and only asks for the price of the book, which is also offered at a very low price. On a daily basis members receive up to 50 percent off of publisher edition prices and are offered an almost unbelievable introductory package. After joining the club, members receive 5 books for only $.99 and a 6th book for $5.99, perfect for carrying all your reading needs.

You may think that such low prices mean that the Literary Guild Book Club selection only offers older books by unknown authors, but that's untrue. While you can find several classics by bestselling authors, such as John Grisham and Stephen King, as well as new titles by today's most popular authors, such as James Peterson and Khaled Hosseini.

Like any large bookstore, the Literary Guild carries several different subjects only, instead of browsing through books on the shelf, you can browse in the comfort of your own home. Divided into categories such as fiction, non-fiction, crafts, mysteries, romance, children's, biographies, reference, home, cooking and spirituality, the books are easily accessible through both the Literary Guild website and the clubs magazine, which is delivered directly to member homes. Featuring new selections, upcoming early releases and reviews, the magazine is a great way to keep up with the club and the latest books available. Read our Literary Guild Book Club review.

To help members decide which books they wish to purchase, the Literary Guild offers member comments and reviews, creating a tight knit community of book lovers. Members are also given access to exclusive excerpts, insightful book reviews and quotes from notable book critics and authors, through the website and magazine.

For book lovers on a budget, the Literary Guild is the perfect place to find low-priced books and amazing offers. Listed on the website, the Literary Guild provides a "Bargain Books" section where members are given access to titles marked down from the already low prices of the club. To reward members for buying books exclusively from the club, the Literary Guild also gives out bonus points, which are earned for each book you buy and can be applied towards future book purchases.

A close, online community of readers, the Literary Guild knows what it is that make members, and all reading enthusiasts, happy. With a vast selection of low-priced titles and range of book subjects, no member of the Literary Guild goes unsatisfied. Rather than wasting your time and money in expensive, crowded bookstores, why not join the Literary Guild and gain access to low prices and a convenient one-stop shop all at the same time. Join The Literary Guild Book Club today!