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About Better World Books

The challenge ahead and the origin of Better World Books...

The world needs a change and that can only brought through the books. Literacy is what important to lead the world in a path of enlightenment. Better World Books works with this motto.

Three students from University Notre Dame came up with Better World Books in the year 2002 in order to earn money by selling books online. The idea took a gigantic form as the time passed by and the Better World Books emerged out to be a big social enterprise. The motto of combating illiteracy gets bolstered time to time with the increase in revenue of the enterprise.

Better World Books is on the verge of fulfilling its purpose...

Better World Books is beyond the traditional book selling enterprise. The main importance the enterprise focuses on is the social and environmental issues. Getting path braking success and meeting the core aim is what the enterprise focuses. The book-selling has reached plateau with Better World Books. The enterprise believes that everyone has come to the world to be literate and that to through reading books. The enterprise has collaboration with education and charity programs. There is a book to book policy which the enterprise has made. If you purchase books from the Better World Books website then that purchase helps someone else to get a book that is needy.

The way Better World Books functions...

You can get any book through the website. There is no shipping charge for the books for any place in the world. The enterprise believes in an Eco-friendly world and ambiance. It has collaborations with many study programs all round the world. The enterprise has a great collection source. The enterprise collects both the new and old books. Particularly students opt for the old books. Hence generally the enterprise collects the old text books. For making collection bigger the enterprise has a big network of around 2300 top universities and over 3000 libraries all over the nation. As the every book buyer paves the way for another person to get a book the same way the enterprise has converted 58 million books in to $10.4 million funding for increasing the literacy rate. Apart from that the organization donates its books to various other organizations round the world to fulfill its motto. The enterprise not only helps the increasing literacy rate but it also makes people help the people in need through buy a book and give someone else the chance to get a book. The enterprise is the first one to introduce the Eco-friendly step through carbon neutral shopping cart. The carbon neutral shopping cart is provided by a non profitable organization. The enterprise charges some penny for every check out and the amount is donated to the organization manufacturing the carbon neutral shopping cart. The company has been sticking to its basics since from the beginning it was born. It has been a ray for providing light to the underprivileged ones. The enterprise believes in building a real, Eco-friendly, and literate world.