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About Crossings Book Club

Crossings is the book club for today's Christian family. Our mission is to provide you and your family with today's best Christian books by trusted Christian authors - both well-known and new - that will educate, inspire and enlighten you on your walk with Christ. Satisfaction guarantee: Up to 40% off publishers' edition prices on every book you buy. Plus you'll be happy with your experience or you can return any book you wish for a full refund of the purchase price.

A source for the newest Christian book titles, Crossings Book Club selection offers the most inspiring books on a range of subjects from relationships to devotionals. Aimed towards Christian families, Crossings has a book for every mom, dad, brother and sister living together and walking with Christ.

Not just a book club, Crossings is dedicated to providing the tools necessary to build, tweak and repair your relationship with God. The staff at Crossings Book Club know that being a good Christian is not always easy and wants to be there to help you every step of the way. From general books about faith and God to titles focusing on your intimate relationships or raising children, Crossings carries hundreds of books aimed towards improving your life with Gods direction. Read our Crossings Book Club review.

Unlike bookstores, who carry only a select number of Christian-related titles, Crossings is a one-stop spot for all your reading needs. With bestsellers, such as "The Power of Simple Prayer," "Kingdom Come," and "Battlefield of the Mind," the Crossings Book Club makes it easier to find exactly what you're looking for at low prices. Carrying every popular Christian author you can think of, Crossings offers hundreds of books that would otherwise be difficult to locate.

For those looking for a relaxing, entertaining escape, Crossings provides fiction novels with a Christian air. Offering all the regular fiction genres, such as romance, history, suspense and thriller, Christian fiction is just as entertaining as non-Christian titles but are more relatable because of their ties to Christian beliefs and the characters struggles or affections with the Lord.

Crossings also offers a range of books devoted to helping Christians on a daily basis. An array of devotionals, meant to be read every day, offers advice and tips for situations you may find yourself in. The Christian living section addresses different obstacles we all face and provides books meant to help readers get through both the good and bad times with God's help.

The Crossings Book Club also keeps in mind those interested in learning more about Christ, His message and His ways. Because one cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the Bible, Crossings offers a Bible store where members can choose the Bible that's right for them. There are also several Biblical reference books available for those studying God's word.

Crossings believes that good Christian books are a necessity for Christian families walking with the Lord and makes this achievable by offering titles at low prices. After an introductory offer of four books for only $.99 each, members of the Crossings book club receive up to 40 percent off of publisher edition prices. Members will also receive the clubs magazine in the mail, which features new releases, bestselling selections, book reviews, author interviews, excerpts and a prayer corner, uniting Christian members in prayer throughout the world.

Not just a book club, Crossings acts as a way for Christian readers to get closer to God. Join today to get the tools you need to help you on your journey to living with Christ and others. Join Crossings Book Club today!