Veggie Tales Book Club

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  • A Growth Chart
  • Activity Book
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About Veggie Tales Book Club

For those who love the characters of Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry, you would surely enjoy joining the Veggie Tales clubs. Just as there are many lessons and exciting adventures that you get with the Veggie Tales characters. You would also enjoy free items, educational supplies, books, stickers, and fun games when you join the Veggie Tales Club. This is a club not just for kids but also for parents who can personally learn the lessons brought about by the Veggie Tales stories and information. Indeed, this is for the whole family to enjoy.

What Is in the Veggie Tales Club?

Basically, the Veggie Tales Club provides exciting and colorful books for kids who can't get enough of Veggie Tales. The illustrations of the books are done professionally with the children's fun and enjoyment in mind. Plus, it does not disregard what Veggie Tales has to offer-the fun in following virtues and developing children to become responsible, God-fearing and righteous individuals.

If you and your kids find Veggie Tales to be helpful and fun in every aspect of your child's development, the Veggie Tales Club is just the right club for you. You will get books that discuss different virtues as well as different fun-filled adventures of our loving and colorful Veggie Tales characters. It could be about the story on "Good Knight Duke," "Lost Temper," or "The Good, The Bad, and The Silly." Still, there is more to come and more stories to read when you join the club.

Joining the club does not only give your child benefits based on the stories of Veggie Tales. You will also be entitled with lots of freebies, bonuses, and privileges. And all it takes is signing up and getting all the prices at a very low rate. You get three books, activity books, growth charts, and stickers, and a bonus book for just $7.99. This is lower than just getting one book of Veggie Tales at a retail bookstore. You will have all these in free shipment and handling if you register and become a member. What is more, you will receive future privileges as well as more savings.

The club offers guaranteed satisfaction with huge savings, many books, and additional items. However, if for some reason you want to cancel your membership within four weeks time, you can have your money back. You can even keep the items that you received. Of course, you will loss other privileges, but it's the risk that you take from cancellation. If you stay, you will get more and more savings on Veggie Tales books and items and more opportunities to know the loving characters of Veggie Tales.

One of the privileges that you get is an automatic enrollment of Free Preview in new volumes of Veggie Tale Books and items. You can avail of these supplements in a very low price. Cancellation can be done within ten days after the Preview. But if you don't cancel after ten days, you get the new items at very low price compared when you buy it as new releases in bookstores.

So if you are a parent, teacher, or a personal tutor who loves the stories of Veggie Tales or if the children like the Veggie Tales themselves, the club can give you what you and your children need. Virtues, stories, pictures, illustrations, and many more are all packed for you as a member of the Veggie Tales Club.