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Since launching the first textbook rental site in 2006, BookRenter has never wavered from our mission to make education more affordable for students of every kind of educational institution. Every day, we focus on delivering students the best prices, the most flexible options, and the best service on earth. And because we are deeply committed to fostering campus community and local businesses, we give our technology away for free to independent college stores so they can better serve their students. Finally, for every order on BookRenter we'll make a donation to First Book to put new books in the hands of children in need.


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Shop over 9 million new and used books, college textbooks and more at bargain prices. Free shipping worldwide. We donate a portion of all sales to fund literacy programs.


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Having knowledge about the book rental companies will help you sail through your college life, if your foremost concern is money. There are numerous book rental companies and with the new education laws more companies are expected to enter this market in the next few years. For taking advantage of the services these book rentals provide, you must have an end to end knowledge on these companies. The company in review is campusbookrentals.com


Rent or buy your textbooks and save hundreds of dollars.

Chegg.com is an excellent and vastly growing online book rental site for college students looking to save some serious cash on books for any class course. With tuition costs increasing, college students are looking for new ways to save some cash and lessen their expenses.


Textbooks: Rent 'em or Buy 'em

eCampus may be the innovative retail leader for school and college books. eCampus mission would be to supply the simplest, quickest, least expensive method for college and college students to purchase books and stuff, cheap. We cane undoubtedly say that the name `eCampus` states everything!.


Textbook Stop
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At text book stop, you can rent books online for your semester and return them at the end of your classes. If you just need to keep the books forever, you can purchase them used and still hoard a lot of money.


The places to buy new and cheap textbooks

One of the most important things needed to succeed in life is education, and education cannot come without books. Some people can buy textbooks at normal cost but for some others it is a struggle since they cannot afford it. The costs of textbooks have gone up gradually and it has become a problem for many more. Unfortunately, it is not our books but knowledge that we carry forward and we have to either give away the books or throw them away which is sad. Not only is it a waste of money but resources too.

However, with new technological innovations and smart minds some people have made it easier for those people who need textbooks to use it till they need it and then give it back. This is done by online campus book rentals, which are online ventures in which people can buy used textbooks cheaper than other places and after they are done with their course, can give it back for some price so that someone else can use it.

Various such services have come up and they are doing very well. This is simply because they have recognised a need and made a business that fulfils that need easily. Below is a list of a few of these campus book rentals.


1) Collegebookrenter.com

This is the first one in our list for campus book rentals. Collegebookrental.com allows students to rent textbooks for as long as they want and then return it back. One has to register and make an account to avail of this service. Delivery and shipping is free under certain conditions. It was started in 2009 and has quickly moved to the top five companies providing this service. It has grown a lot and has had an exponential growth in revenues. This is due to the rise in textbook prices which has forced students to look at other options.

The webpage is the face of an online venture, and collegebookrenter.com has a very good face. It is pleasing and very easy to navigate. Collegebookrenter.com also stocks a huge variety of titles and one can follow them on twitter. Collegebookrenter.com also donates some money to the American Heart Association once every six months. However, paying is a little problem, as papal is not offered while master card, visa and American express are accepted. It offers two types of shipping options, standard and priority. A customer has to pay the shipping charges and it is not allowed outside the US. This is one of the major drawbacks of the website.

2) Chegg.com

This is another web portal that provides a similar service of campus book rentals. It was founded in Santa Clara in California in 2001 by three students. It was a struggle in the beginning as the company underwent a change in 2003 and capital was less initially but it has grown from there on.

Chegg.com goes a few steps further as it allows a student to enter his or her school and course name as well and the textbooks for that course are outlined. It also has a homework help section in which experts answer to questions and interactive guides are available.

Chegg.com leads the pack among the campus online rentals and for various reasons. They make searching for textbooks easier as they allow students to look for textbooks according to their school and course as well. Books come with a 30-day "Any Reason Guarantee" and it has a massive stockpile of titles, which cover almost any course.

Chegg.com also offers three renting options: a) Semester b) Quarter and c) 60-day rentals. One also has an option of extending these options by a number of days. Even selling books on this website is as easy as buying as the website is easily navigable and all one has to do is click a few buttons. Chegg.com also does a Plant-a-tree program by planting a tree every time a book is rented. The usual credit card payment is offered and on top of that, one can use PayPal and gift certificates.

All in all, chegg.com is the leader and rightly so.

3) Bookrenter.com

This online website began in 2006 by Colin Barceloux to pay for beer. He used to collect all the thrown books and used to sell them online. He realised that this was a textbook rental and the business was then born. Bookrenter.com has a more youthful outlook and also has a mascot. It allows students 80% off and provides students with a variety of options. It has become one of the fastest growing start-ups in the US as it reaches to over 5000 US campuses.

Bookrenter.com has a youthful appeal to its portal with its founder who started from scratch and the mascot that it has- Tikiman. The team and the webpage reflect their youthful nature. It has unique pricing strategies which enables bookrenter.com to price its books as low as 80% off on the normal books. However, bookrenter.com is stricter as highlighting and writing in the textbook is not permitted and even the supplemented materials need to be returned which means that it is difficult for the seller but very easy for the person renting the book. It is flexible than most other campus book rentals.

4) Campusbookrentals.com

This company started in August 2007 and has grown to over 5000 college campuses in the US. It has built itself on the amazing customer service that it provides. Campusbookrentals.com has been in the news as it continues to grow rapidly with the other companies.

Campusbookrentals.com has been set up with the motto of "nearly every textbook available for rent". They do follow this motto as they have almost every title one can require. It offers three rental periods with extensions. It offers services very similar to chegg.com and one has a 30-day money back guarantee and on top of that free shipping charges. It also offers a 15-day grace period for students and one can purchase insurance as well for their books. However, one can only use the big four credit cards to make the purchases. The website too seems a bit cluttered but gives all the details. Campusbookrentals.com was founded and is run by college students and they understand them the best.

5) Textbookstop.com

Textbookstop.com was started in2008 and it also offers a similar service and it also allows the user to search by school. It allows services of free shipping as well under certain conditions.

The webpage seems easy but does not have adequate information about the company. However, even in this one has the option of searching for books by school. One can choose between selecting books which are new or those which have been previously purchased. Shipping is free as long as one sells his or her textbooks to textbookstop.com. Textbookstop.com does need to work harder to climb above its current position and come out with various other titles as well.