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About Campus Book Rentals


Having knowledge about the book rental companies will help you sail through your college life, if your foremost concern is money. There are numerous book rental companies and with the new education laws more companies are expected to enter this market in the next few years. For taking advantage of the services these book rentals provide, you must have an end to end knowledge on these companies. The company in review is

Company overview:

Campus book rentals began service in August 2007, basically they pioneered this business. Since then, the company has grown multifold and has millions of books in store across all fields of education. It serves students in about 5,817 colleges all over US as on date. This company is based out of Ogden, Utah. The company is also involved socially and recently announced teaming up with Operation smile. A portion of the revenue from every book rent would be donated towards cleft lip surgeries of the children who otherwise cannot afford it.

Company's work mechanism:

The company, call out the students to save the money, plain and simple by renting it rather than spending hundreds of dollars buying it. These textbooks are either new or gently used so the end result would be same as buying a new book. Plus it saves the worry of resale value.

The sign up process is very simple; it takes less than a minute to fill out the registration form. There is a huge search bar on the home page in which you can key in any one of the following; book title, author name, ISBN number or the key word and get the list of books available immediately. Choose the book that you need to rent and select the rental period and checkout.

The company has partnered with Firstclassbooks where you can sell your old textbooks. Key in the ISBN number and the company will revert with a quote. If you find the price nominal, you can ship the book as per the process followed and the payment will be made via check, PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Live help available throughout the day and the company provides lots of perks like shirts, monthly giveaways, referral benefits ( If you were referred by a friend for registration, the referrer would get 5 Euros as a gift of appreciation), random coupons and semester scholarship which obviously attracts students.