I Don't Read A Lot, Is A Book Club Still Smart For Me?

Many people argue that, since they don't have a lot of time to read books, it would be silly for them to join a book club. The truth is that book clubs are a wise option for everyone, whether they read five books a month or only five books a year. Because most book clubs offer much more than just fictional titles that people would read for entertainment, several book club members join for other book club resources. For instance, a person who loves cooking might join a book club for low-priced access to all the latest cookbooks. Someone else may be in the midst of moving in to a new house and would like to purchase some home maintenance or d├ęcor books. Rather than spending almost double the price in a book store, why not join a book club and get the titles for much less.
This is particularly true of a themed book club, where all the titles revolve around the same specific topic. Crafter's Choice Book Club, for instance, is specifically aimed towards crafting enthusiasts. While they may not enjoy reading mystery or romance novels, most crafters would love to have an online and mail-in resource filled with crafting-specific guides and tips. Other clubs, like the Science Fiction Book Club, not only has fantasy and sci-fi titles but also graphic novels, which are a lot different than traditional books. Rather than spend a fortune on the comics in the store, it's more convenient and cost-effective to join a book club.
Another advantage of book clubs is that they carry several specific titles that can be difficult to find in stores. When people who do not read a lot decide they want to, it's generally because they're interested in a certain book. Rather than waste time browsing through thousands of titles on cluttered shelves, it's easier to join a book club, get the title for less and find it quickly and efficiently. Books also make great gifts for others and, since most people buy several gifts a year, it's an easy, convenient and non-expensive way to supply personalized gifts for everyone on your list. With several different genres available, it's hard to imagine not finding the perfect book to meet the needs of the person you're buying for. At one point or another, everyone will need some sort of book. Whether it be a gift for a friend or family member or a resource for yourself, it makes sense to pay less than more. Because people are under the misconception that book clubs only carry fictional titles for entertainment, they're hesitant to join a club for fear that they'll end up wasting money on books they don't want or need. But, because book club agreements only require members to buy around four books at regular price throughout two years, it's very unlikely that a member will buy something they don't want. Even if you don't read often, a book club is a wise, convenient decision and will supply you with the titles or resources you want when you need them for much more affordable prices.