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Given the economic condition, the rental book market is booming and the competition is also heavy. Here is the general review of the site

Website layout overview:

This website is user friendly. It has easily accessible tabs and search bar on the home page allowing the students hassle-free access. Promotional offers are highlighted and color and built is easy on eyes.


Students can buy, sell and also rent college text books online in this site. The book availability is good and most of the time the books that we requested turned up results. The students can follow up blogs and also twitter to get the latest updates and promotional offers. Half-yearly, the company makes donations to American Heart Association.

Rental policy:

This company has a decent rental policy. It updates the expiration of rental contract date in the account and sends return reminders 15, 10, 7 and 3 days prior to the expiration date. Return of the rental books is accepted only via UPS. If returned in any other carrier, the entire return shipping cost has to be paid by the borrower.

Return Policy for stolen or lost or damaged rented books:

The borrower will be charged the purchase or the list price of the book at the end of the rental period.

Shipping Policy:

Priority shipping: Takes 3-7 business days and cost $6.99 for the initial books and then $3.99 for addition books.

Standard Shipping: 7-14 business days and costs $3.99 for initial books and then $1.99 for additional books.

Both these costs are nominal and almost similar to their competitors. However, the drawback is; they ship only to continental US. US citizens in states like Hawaii etc. cannot use their service.

Customer Service and help:

The FAQ section is elaborate and answers almost all the questions the users will need to know before availing the service. The customer service team can contacted via email or phone for further clarifications.

General FAQ's:

Is the quality reliable?

The books are rented only in new or look like new condition. If a book in bad condition is received, the company replaces with a new one immediately.

Can we mark and highlight in the book?

The book will be reused to rent in the future to other students. Hence, it has to be returned in good condition. Though minimal highlighting is allowed, writing is strictly forbidden.

Can we extend the rental period?

Extension is possible but, you have to inform the company about the extension via email and get a confirmation. Also be sure to check if new expiration date is updated in your account.


  • Good refund policy
  • Excellent community interaction
  • Easy and user friendly site
  • No monthly fees
  • Free return shipping cost


  • No insurance offered for books
  • Do not render service outside of continental US
  • Does not have an USP that differentiates it positively from other competitors
  • Steep late fees


Considering the aforementioned pros and cons, College book renter is overall a reliable company and offers precisely what is available in the market. There is no USP for this company. But, if you are looking for a book rental company that has huge collection of books and makes the buying and selling process easy, then this is definitely one of the places you can go for.